Juhu: Filthy rich to Filthy beach

Its scary to see how singlehandedly we are about to destroy our eco system. Marine pollution is one of the biggest issue we gonna face real soon. Its not only because we are surrounded by oceans but because the dependent environment  we are living. Juhu beach is one of the most visited place in city... Continue Reading →


I asked you to be with me When noone was there to be Now as you are leaving I don't mind loosing It's always hard to tell When you don't see What others see My words seemed to be twisted While they were only light Guided by a pin point There's more we can do... Continue Reading →

Life in a metro

From morning to night With many behind and ahead They thrive and survive In a race for life One moves forward while one slips by.

Midnight thoughts:2

Aren't you all layered till the shape that world knows.Don't you find your true self when it's quiet and dark and when you are alone. Don't you wish for someone to know what is inside,yet you end up pretending to be someone else. 


Just like the calmness in ocean after a storm Just like moonlight in a meadow In a clear autumn night I did find solace in a glance from  your eyes,   Just like abyss in a hurricane Just like a wanderer chasing a mirage In a hot sunny day You left me dipped in an eternal... Continue Reading →


Laying your cold conformity You call for change A halo to look up But a bubble of greed Instead Feigned promises Masqueraded changes Delusional world   Cherub cries Out in hunger and cold Destitute thrives As time flies by And lifetimes spent To old and new Gods Who to tell them God have no time... Continue Reading →

life as we go along

As I look back I wonder How far I have come And how far yet to go Life has just taken another day Of hopeless dreams And silent screams Unheard   To the strangers I know Do you still remember Of the good times And the days of laughter And the clear blue sky We... Continue Reading →


He sat in one corner of the room. Dimmed light. Enigmatic vibe.Through the window he looked outside making his eyes stretched.It was dark.He felt comfortable staring at the darkness.His friends screamed. Take one. What a noob they said.He hesitated.He could hear them laughing. He took a puff and they continued.He started feeling dizzy. He said... Continue Reading →

Midnight thoughts:1

What makes us wonderful is we know our differences. Its ok to have different music tastes or food choices, it doesn't have to be matching.At the end of the day love gonna keep us together,that mutual respect for our souls gonna make it worth living.Life is not all about perfection, babe you don't have to... Continue Reading →

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